Wei Lun (Photographer) and Logan (Cinematographer) are two individuals with varying ideals, visions who by a twist in fate came together to dedicate to the craft of visual storytelling. We are not about producing the good nor the familiar, but rather honing the unorthodox; placing lenses upon the wonderful emotions and personalities.

The intimacy of personal moments is delicate, fragile even, which makes us strive to keep its integrity by capturing, not directing.
Through an adventure of audio & visuals, we present stories of spontaneity and authenticity.

Let's pursue new possibilities over Kopi/Teh, for we never lose sight of the magic in others
and seek to present the brilliance of every couple.


Wei Lun & Logan

You’re here because you believe in making memories that are raw and genuine.

You’re here because you appreciate the value of creativity and expression.

You’re here because 

unions are not simply another tick on the bucket list.

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