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narrative stories, invoking memories

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We are the heart and mind of TwoGatherPictures, a team of documentarians with years of camaraderie. We enjoy a hearty laugh and a great story, a story of You.

We're not going to lie, weddings are stressful, intimidating and a pain in the *** to plan for! But through the vines and thorns, it can also be the best day of your life, surrounded by family and friends.

Will our wedding be too simple?

Will it have no content if we do not have crazy gatecrash games?

Please heed the following words. This is your wedding. This is your special day. Your day of Union. Don't base it on someone else's day. Bring forth your personality. Make it intimate. Make it grand. The sky was never the limit.

Ask us out for a little chat over Kopi/Teh, toast and eggs, or the occasional "atas" western coffee. (It's on us!) Let's get to know each other and allow us to share our crafts and philosophies!


With our great sense of humor (we like to think that we are quite funny) and open mind, we see things from a different perspective. This inspires us with new ways to tell a story of you.



Wei Lun & Logan

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When you look back at your photographs and films 5,10,15 years later. 
What do you want to feel ? 
What do you want to remember?


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