I met Jordan during a graduation photoshoot for him and 9 other bros. Turns out that in that group of friends, 1 was from my Primary School, 3 were from my Secondary School and 1 was from my University. Talk about Singapore being a small place! Anyway, Jordan was very happy and comfortable with the style of photography we did and decided to engage me again for his Graduation shoot with his girlfriend, Jermain. We did an early morning shoot in hopes of catching the sunrise, and boy were we blessed! They were initially pretty awkward until I told asked them what kind of couple they are. "We're actually quite 'sticky' ", said Jordan. "Okay then, show me how 'sticky' you can be!" They immediately transitioned from "awkward couple holding hands" to the-sweetest-duo-who-can-spend-24-hours-with-their-cheeks-squashed-against-each-other. I scheduled for a blood sugar test after the shoot. Thanks again Jermain and Jordan, for being willing to open up and show me how you two really are.

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