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Sarah + Jiyang | Golden Mile Complex | Prewedding

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Sarah and Jiyang booked us for their wedding day almost one year in advance. When we met, they told us that their adventures revolved around spending time together hunting for good food, observing people around them and laughing at everything and anything. They said they were awkward in front of the camera and didn't know how to pose. I told them there was no need to worry because we're not about posing. Our style of pre-wedding is about bringing out your personalities and showing the chemistry between you guys. It's about having fun, laughter and some soft, quiet moments in between. During their prewedding session, it was full of spontaneity, awkward laughters, and gangsta moments. It was probably their first photoshoot but I think it was more fun than anything else, and a precious memory for both them and us. Thank you for having us!

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