Some kind words from our happy couples 

"He has a great appreciation for interactions between people and the emotions everyone goes through on a wedding day"

Wei Lun was amazing to work with! From the moment my husband and I met him at our pre-wedding consultation, we instantly connected. We shared our concerns about being camera-shy and our hope of staying away from some of the cheesier poses that most wedding photographers encourage, and he was more than happy to take our concerns to heart.

On the day itself, he was great at putting even our most awkward guests at ease. He was not intrusive and let us simply enjoy our day without worrying about getting the right shot. In some of the photographs we received after, we didn't even realise he was there! We asked for the photographs to be sent within the next two weeks so that we could have them ready by our next ceremony, and he really delivered! The photos he sent were beautiful and authentic, and really captured the essence of all the friends and loved ones that were present. The photographs he took of me and my father in a private moment before the ceremony are now my favourite photographs of my father.


At the last moments of the wedding dinner, there were suddenly fireworks from the NDP rehearsals, and Wei Lun was great at thinking fast and mobilising my husband and I to get a photo with the fireworks from a great spot. That brought a real wow factor to the photographs we now have to remember the special day.


Highly, HIGHLY recommend Wei Lun. He has great client management: he was so on top of things that I never had to worry about the photographs once he was in charge. I would especially recommend him to couples looking to capture authentic moments between you and your guests. He has a great appreciation for interactions between people and the emotions everyone goes through on a wedding day, and captures all of them flawlessly.

- Annie & Colin

"Logan is easy to talk to and a very thoughtful videographer"

My husband and I engaged Logan for our actual day wedding videography on 15 July 2018 and we are super happy that we found Logan/twogatherpictures! Firstly, Logan was unassuming and very accommodating - we met Logan twice before the wedding and he took the time to listen to our preferences. Logan managed to incorporate videos and audio clips (taken by ourselves) of our marriage solemnisation, which took place in November 2017, in the express highlights. It was not exactly an easy thing to do as the videos of our solemnisation obviously looked very different from the footage of the actual day events so Logan had to try and weave them in seamlessly.

Secondly, Logan did an excellent job with the express highlights! Not only did it captured the important highlights but it also features the smaller details that tend to be overlooked amidst the chaos. Logan (and Bern, second videographer for actual day) included footage of our pets in the video and we are very happy that these were included, especially since my husband's family dog passed away of old age ten days after the wedding.


Thank you Logan for capturing footage of Rider and making him part of our wedding. We also noted that Logan used both English and Mandarin songs for the express highlights and we thought it could be due to his observation of how my husband and I like both English and Mandarin songs. The result was great! :)


Lastly, Logan and Bern are very professional and hardworking. They stayed late to help us capture the wedding celebration in full. For that, we are very grateful and truly touched.


We strongly recommend Logan for your videography needs - Logan is easy to talk to and a very thoughtful videographer. 

- Jason & Tingting

"Felt more like friends who were there to celebrate our joyous day with us rather than vendors"

It was a stroke of providence and luck to have met Wei Lun and Logan from Twogather after our dismal prewedding shoot with a bridal studio. They made us feel at ease during the meeting and had lots of ideas and tips to share. What impressed us the most was how serious the both of them were. They were taking down notes on our first meeting even though we had not made any commitment to engage them. That was what sealed the deal for us. And it turned out to be one of the best choices we have made! They were especially accommodating, and spared no effort in making us feel at ease. Wei Lun went above and beyond by going on a site recce with us to have a look and feel of the wedding venue.


On the actual day itself, the team did whatever they needed done without being invasive. In fact, they felt more like friends who were there to celebrate our joyous day with us rather than vendors. The whole experience felt genuine and sincere. We totally loved how they managed to capture all the little moments of our wedding. Looking at the photos and video brought back wonderful memories of our wedding day. We have looked at the photos and videos countless times and we unwittingly find ourselves grinning at the photos and videos every single time. They have managed to capture the joy, the tears and the raw emotions of the day perfectly, hallmarks of the heart, soul and passion that Wei Lun and Logan have for their work.

- Chris & Linnet

"Our relatives and friends also sung praises of Wei Lun's friendly and cheerful disposition"

We were very lucky to have engaged Wei Lun as our AD photographer, because he is such a genuine and experienced photographer. Our relatives and friends also sung praises of Wei Lun friendly and cheerful disposition.

His cheerful disposition also helped us, and our guests, feel so at ease that we could be ourselves in front of him and the camera, and that turned out really well in our pictures. Really appreciate the level of detail WeiLun put into the post-wedding editing, slideshow and photos keepsake!

I can’t thank you enough for photographing us and capturing all our favourite (酸甜苦辣 and even 醉) moments on our very special day! Stay awesome at doing what you love ☺️👍🏻

💕, Justin and Cassandra
#waitleongleow #sayacintaaku

- Justin & Cassandra

"Both Wei Lun and Logan were also all smiles throughout the day"

I stumbled upon TwoGather by chance online and after looking through their portfolio, I decided to engage them for my actual day photography and videography. It turned out to be absolutely the right choice as both Wei Lun and Logan were the best!! They were really professional, capturing the most real and candid moments during my wedding day. I am really happy and grateful for having them capturing the memories on my special day, for me to look back and reminisce the happy moments (:

Logan especially did an extremely magical job on the morning highlights video as well. it was so well done that I’ve been rewatching it over and over again!

Both Wei Lun and Logan were also all smiles throughout the day, despite working hard as early as 7am in the morning! It must have been super tiring for them, sweating it out under the sun for our outdoor shoot while still shooting professionally and joking with us throughout.

In a nutshell, both my guests and I enjoyed having both Wei Lun and Logan around and I really highly recommend them! All of You can put your trust into TwoGather with no worries at all! 

- Tiffany & Zeliang

"There is a magic in what they do because they come with a passion - to know you as a couple, to support you through the crazziness of the day and to smile and cry with you along the way"

Wei Lun and Sharon are truly gems, both for the amazing work they do and the incredible human beings that they are.

We engaged them for our church wedding and dinner events and we truly couldn't be happier with the outcome!! They even went through the effort of putting together a slideshow of key highlights for each event and picked such incredible songs to accompany it. My husband and I have literally watched the slideshow on repeat every chance we get because it captured all the emotions of the day so so well. A for effort really, because it makes such a difference to the recipient when the photographers put in thought into how they deliver the photos, especially since there are so many. There is a magic in what they do because they come with a passion - to know you as a couple, to support you through the craziness of the day and to smile and cry with you along the way. It was truly like having a friend there to journey with us. It was our first time engaging professional photographers and I'm truly so blessed that we found Twogatherpictures. It's amazing how they can be such a great support system but also never miss out on taking the most spot on pictures - of the laughter, the tears, all the raw emotions. We told them we wanted candid pictures of our journey and they delivered no less than STUNNING results. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat because it's so rare to find such talent, professionalism and a true human touch all rolled into one. Thank you guys for being the best, truly. So much love for you guys and the magic that you create!! 😍😊

- Diane & Hariharan

"Love the raw emotions and priceless moments caught by them"

Had Logan and Bern as our AD videographers and we are super thrilled with their final product! Love the raw emotions and priceless moments caught by them. Even the merging of background music was flawless. Re-watching the AD video always bring tears to our eyes and smiles to our faces. 101% recommend them!!! Thank you guys for doing your best in capturing the beautiful memories of our milestone.

- Estelle & Jonathan

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