Tiffany and Zeliang's love story started from one of the most unexpected places, The S.E.A Aquarium! That's right, the one at Sentosa. When we first met, Zeliang was slow to warm up to us, staying pretty quiet for most of the meeting. However, on the wedding day, when I saw him step out of the car with his band of brothers, this was a very different Zeliang. He was beaming with confidence and a smile so wide, you knew he was madly in love. Also, what are the chances, Tiffany's favourite cartoon character is the same as my girlfriend, and that's Stitch, from Disney's Lilo & Stitch! You should take a look at the massive collection she has in her room, it's amazing, almost every single permutation, she has it. This is a true superfan, just like Zeliang, who is Tiffany's number 1 fan. 

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