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Belle + Thomas | Salt Grill & Sky Bar | Wedding Day

Thomas and I go way back to our cadet days in the army. We fought, crawled, and dug into the mud together, enduring all odds and made it back in one piece. Seeing that charismatic leader I knew so well in uniform now donning a glorious man-stache and striking blue suit, is such a contrast to the memories I had with him. Belle is like the coolest bride I've ever met. Super chill and trusting to leave things in our hands so she can enjoy the day to the fullest. That's just the best isn't it? A celebration without stress :) Seeing so many of my old friends from army times, things have definitely changed and we now have our own pursuits in life, but one thing is for sure. He's found the one. Cheers Thomas, here's to glorious, glorious life ahead. Hoo-hah! Venue: Salt Grill & Sky Bar