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Jolene + Keong | Ramada Hotel Zhongshan Park | Wedding Day

Jolene and Keong are the life examples of what you'd call a secondary school love story. Do you remember those days where you'd sit at the window seat of the bus and plug in a walkman/discman, rest your head on your hands and look off into the distance? You'd be listening to some Jay Chou or Mayday songs because you were either deeply in love or terribly heartbroken. Nostalgia hitting you yet? But many secondary school romances don't last, because we're still young and foolish, still yearning to discover and learn more. But not these two. These two need to have a Taiwanese movie about themselves. Jokes aside, it was such a friggin joy to be a part of their celebration with their friends and family, and we are so grateful to be there with you!